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Claims List: April Fool's Day 2010 - The Dark Angel Halloween Ficathon [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Dark Angel Halloween Ficathon

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Claims List: April Fool's Day 2010 [Mar. 1st, 2010|11:16 am]
The Dark Angel Halloween Ficathon
[Tags|, ]


+Scan the list and pick your favorite prompt.
+Comment on this post with the number of the prompt you want
+ Only one person to a prompt, please. (more fic diversity this way)
+No combining prompts (pick the one that fits better, you can still use the other plot devices if you wish)
+Write as much or as little as you would like (There is no minimum word count)
+APRIL FOOLS DAY is the day we aim to post

1. Normal secretly believes in aliens and takes some incident at Jam Pony as the sign that they're coming. Bonus points if he tries to save the crew.

2. Alec/Logan, future!Alec comes back with a time machine to make sure Alec and Logan become a couple (maybe he's sneaky about it? or maybe obvious like Spock prime)

3. steampunk AU - transgenics are 'mechanical men'

4. Alec/Logan, a spell is cast on them that allows Alec to read Logan's mind (or vice versa)

5. Zack/Alec, they are haunted by Ben

6. OriginalCindy gets a superpower

7. Alec/Logan - Preslash - A spell causes everyone to tell the truth for however long. Alec learns that Logan likes him and vice versa.

8. Alec/Logan - The pair move in together, but their new place is haunted. Alec won't give up without a fight.

9. Gen - Normal's a warlock.

10. Eyes Only does a broadcast including zombies / ghosts / vampires.

11. “When Walter starts acting all weird, eyes blood-shot and glassy, Kendra...”

12. Somebody is pregnant with something not entirely human. Nor entirely transgenic.

13. Weird, non-fitting crossover idea with Monsters, Inc.: One of the doors leads to the Manticore kids dormitories.

14. Lydecker captures the monster and uses his genetics to create future generations of trangenics. Maybe before Max's time, so she suddenly starts sprouting blue fur.

15. any pairing, someone knows how to imbue the food they cook with magic, including food that can make whoever eats it overheated with lust (like in the movie Like Water for Chocolate)

16. Alec/Max/Logan are in a long-term relationship but it's hard when they are magically transported into a book of fairy tales. (Alec/Logan okay too)

17. Any pairing - Logan is secretly a vampire, who craves transgenic blood cause it tastes much better than human blood.

18. Gen BTVS crossover - Original Cindy is a vengeance demon set out to get the men who've hurt Max: Alec, Logan, etc

19. Alec gets saddled with handing out candy on Halloween. What happens when a man claiming to be Eyes Only shows up, asking for more than treats? (AU where Alec doesn't meet Logan)

20. Alec is haunted by a man who looks just like him. When Logan comes over and touches the lamp in Alec new place, they're not in TC anymore, but a strange place called Marla's bed and breakfast with the man that's not a ghost any longer (SPN crossover with Dean/Alec/Logan)

21. Alec wakes up to double vision, until the other Logan introduces himself as Special Agent Tony DiNozzo and informs that if they don't figure out how to get him back to the office PRONTO, his boss is going to kill them all. (Any pairing, any way this can happen :P)

22. Alec is NOT a dog. He doesn't know why Max insisted on getting him a dog collar as a costume for Halloween. At least, not until Logan showed up at Crash with a leash.

23. Logan has the ability to move things with his mind. Alec doesn't know yet. Logan can't wait to get started. (Pure crack really :P) Claimed by downfall35

24. Ben finds himself living in a horror story when Manticore fixed him up and took him back into the fold. At least until an angel of the Blue Lady came to rescue him. (Ben/Castiel SPN crossover)

25. Max has never liked being looked down on, but when a blond with a shotgun kicks her ass on Halloween and proceeds to kill a werewolf in front of her eyes, she's getting kinda okay with that. (Jo/Max, SPN Crossover)

26. White has never explained why he hates Transgenics to anyone. That is, until he remembers his first Halloween inside, a secreted stash of candy, and a certain Transgenic who broke his heart. (I'll leave the who up to you :P)

27. AU. Herbal never liked to work Halloween, but it wasn't like Normal was letting anyone go home early. Still, at least the last call was almost done. Of course, he'd never thought his last delivery would end up with a guy that looked like THAT. (Herbal/Alec tee hee hee)

28. Max never noticed how many cemeteries there were in Seattle, but turns out there are dozens, and for good reason.

29. Something at Jam Pony is making all the messengers lose their memories when they're in the building.

30. Alec wakes up to find a collection of teeth in his nightstand.

31. White's new secret weapon in the war against the transgenics: catnip. Claimed by mrsevilpidgeon

32. Rachel is a vampire.

33. Ben was just a tooth fairy gone rogue. Now it's up to Alec to fill his place.

If none of these suit your fancy, you can always try Oprhaned Claims List for prompts from past challenges.

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From: last01standing
2010-03-02 04:35 am (UTC)
It's all yours.
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From: last01standing
2010-03-02 01:39 pm (UTC)
Oops. Thanks for the heads up.
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