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PULSE DAY PARTY: The Epic List of all da_halloween stories - The Dark Angel Halloween Ficathon [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Dark Angel Halloween Ficathon

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PULSE DAY PARTY: The Epic List of all da_halloween stories [Jun. 1st, 2010|02:53 pm]
The Dark Angel Halloween Ficathon


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In honor of Pulse Day, here is the EPIC LIST OF AWESOME for da_halloween in the form of every fic written for the challenge.

It’s our going away party, guys. Go back and enjoy some of the great fics we’ve seen through the years.

The da_halloween Epic List of Awesome

Dentente by fauxcynic
Prompt: Trick or treating in Terminal City!

How Herbal stopped smoking and Sketchy lost his mind. by geeky_apple
Prompts: Bling, Herbal, or Kendra suddenly become invisible. (Explains why we never see them again.), There is a ghost in Jam Pony. There really is, but it is not like anyone would believe Sketchy.

Facade by amory_vain
Prompt:Crack hookerfic! Alec ends up working at a brothel.

KABOOM! by spastic_visions
Prompt: In his secret life, Normal is a demon hunter.

Genetic Phantom by nativestar
Prompt: Alec is visited by the ghost of Ben. [WIP]

Sugar Never Tasted So Good by duh_i_read
Prompt:Alec dresses as Ames White for Halloween and Logan refuses to give him candy .

Knock Knock, Who's There? by onebadcat
Prompt:Alec dresses as Ames White for Halloween and Logan refuses to give him candy .

Halloween Candy by pyro_wizzard
Prompt: Zack completely fails to have a sense of humor about trick-or-treating.

Fish Tales by ellerigbee
Prompt: Someone spontaneously turns into a mermaid

Mind Games by moonshayde
Prompt: Alec spends the night in the most haunted house in Seattle.

Tricks and Treats by redrikki
Prompt:Alec manages to pull a robbery at a crowded masquerade. Bonus points is Joshua is his sidekick!

Halloween in Terminal City One, Two by ashleykitten69
Prompt: Alec decides to throw a halloween party in... an old, abandoned (supposedly haunted) mansion. Wackiness insues.

Double Jepordy by twasadark
Prompt:Genetics made them do it! Heat kicks in and Alec and another transgenic have sex

You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown by thewickedquill
Prompt:Someone sees / catches Normal working at a homeless shelter at Christmas Eve.

Under a Wicked Sky by abendstern1601
Prompt:Ben at Christmas -- the perfect gift, with the Blue Lady, with killing and teeth and horror.

Distracted by mrsevilpegeon
Prompt:All Alec wants for Christmas is Rachael.

Disguise by geeky_apple
Prompt: Max has to dress up as an elf.

Little Red Box by falinemalfoy
Prompt: An 09er hears about Santa Clause and stays up waiting for him

New Year and New Beginnings by downfall35
Prompt: Alec helps Logan clean up--and finish off the champagne--after his New Year's Eve party, with slashy results. ((Points if Alec ends up with confettion his hair after a makeout somewhere unconventional)

Memory Lane by siberian_skys
Prompt: Dean's been dead for a long time, but Sam could swear to the god that he doesn't pray to anymore that Dean's staring him down right now in a run down in Seattle right now on Christmas Eve
+Dark Angel/Supernatural Dean finds a little boy (Alec) with his face and takes him home to take care of him. Sam doesn't know what to think.

Mistletoe Kisses by ladyyueh
Prompt: Logan kisses Alec under the mistletoe as a joke and find himself affected more deeply than he'd intended

First Christmas, (2) by saklani2 and myficjournal
Prompt: Alec's first Christmas....One of the gang buys a "Charlie Brown" Type tree as a joke but to Alec it's the best tree ever. They realize that it's Alec's first Christmas so Logan goes out of this way to try and recreate Christmas memories for Alec. Alec laying on the floor watching the flickering lights on the tree in awe. An actual toy under the christmas tree that morning... something Alec had seen in a store window...train set/race track. Just all around warm fuzzies.

Alec's Adventures in Babysitting by siberian_skys
Prompt: Alec gets stuck babysitting Brittany (Logan's niece) on Christmas Eve, whilst Logan works on an Eyes Only lead. She asks questions such as why he lives with her Uncle Logan.

Assets by spastic_visions
Prompt: Genderswap

The Awesome Power of Velcro Pants by glitterfics
Prompt: Alec is chagrined when the undercover-at-a-strip-club assignment he volunteered to do for Eyes Only turns out to be happening at a gay club--and he's supposed to be a dancer

It’s Just a Mission by downfall35
Prompt: Alec helps Logan investigate someone dealing Manticore-designed meds at a gay bar.

Another Day at the Office by redrikki
Prompt: Take any normal DA situation: Insert a zombie apocalypse. (ie. Max in heat and OMG ZOMBIES! Eyes only mission and OMG ZOMBIES! Jam Pony delivery and OMG ZOMBIES.)

Happiest Kid Ever by geeky_apple
Prompt: Sketchy is secretly an X5

Getting Smaller (Logan Cale: the Incredible Shrinking Man) by spastic_visions
Prompt: Somebody is shrunk into thumb-size (or supersized?)

Deaged by downfall35
Prompt: Logan and Alec are de-aged and Max hears more than she wants to know about their sex life while the two are re-enacting it with dolls.

Fledgeling by trinityday
Prompt: Normal grows wings, despite his annoyance at the fact.

True Blonde Vamp by geeky_apple
Prompt: Vampires are real and there is one secretly hiding among the main cast.

A Happy Man by hunters_retreat
Prompt: Logan's refrigerator is the door to another world

Pooka Boo by redrikki
Prompt: Alec is being followed by a pooka

You’re the Voice in My Head by kitty_alex
Prompt: Alec worships the Blue Lady just like Ben did.

Hidden Under the Surface by denyce
Prompt: Amnesia fic.

Candy and Kisses, (2) by saklani2 and myficjournal
Prompt: Alec's been hypnotised. Everytime someone says his trigger word he makes out with Logan.

Hidden Under the Surface by denyce
Prompt: Amnesia fic.

As you already know, there was a April Fools Day 2010 challenge but no participants. =/. Still through the TWO YEARS, you guys generated 39 FICS in 4 challenges. Seriously, you guys are AWESOME.

[User Picture]From: saklani2
2010-08-25 07:33 am (UTC)
Are you planning on doing something for this Halloween? *hopes*

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[User Picture]From: last01standing
2010-10-15 09:40 pm (UTC)
Wow, a supersuper late comment, but no, we're dead fish.
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