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A Rally cry for more Dark Angle prompts/recs/challenges - The Dark Angel Halloween Ficathon [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Dark Angel Halloween Ficathon

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A Rally cry for more Dark Angle prompts/recs/challenges [Nov. 15th, 2009|09:20 pm]
The Dark Angel Halloween Ficathon


Okay with the Mods permission I'd like to let people know about a few places where DA prompts are needed: ((this time with cuts, sorry! about that ;))

First ... consci_fan_mo
consci_fan_mo 2009

Okay just found out about this one... posting prompts end on the 17th--I know tomorrow, but I just discovered the comm. It runs from Dec 1 to Dec 21st comm members post drabbles to ficlets (minimum wc: 100 to max wc: 2000). It's scifi-fantasy, but I'm looking for Dark Angel ♥ All genres/pairings/3somes are welcome, and note Supernatural, Xovers are a go (hmm, a Alec/Logan/Sam would be delicious!) along with a lot of other sci-fi fantasy fandoms in-between. To check it out click on banner ;)

December is Small Fandom month over on crack_van a comm to rec fics. Last year I did a DA overview & some recs here... this year I'm too swamped to volunteer—I’m knee-deep, writing a DA bigbang that’s due next month-panics!

For Small fandom I don't think there is a limit of recs, but I'd suggest (if) others sign up, where DA can be picked up again later within the year to go with no more than the usual: 12 recs, 1 crossover, and 1 vid rec (just my opinion). Anyhoo, any genre/rec that hasn't been rec'd previously is welcomed (Gen/het/slash/femslash) with any combination of pairings, or no pairing.

It’s a good way to pimp out DA, stir interest, and let people know that the fandom is still active. If you’re interested, and have time please go over & sign up. If you rec, please consider linking a complied list of your recs at the end of the month here. Personally I love finding new fics I missed, or to re-read an old favorite ;)

To sign up go here: http://community.livejournal.com/crack_van/4139670.html?mode=reply

smallfandomfest has started and is collecting prompts --would love to see more Dark Angle prompts (especially more slash represented) Prompts submissions are open until Nov 21, claiming prompts/posting start Nov 23 thru Jan 31. You can claim multiple prompts, but one at a time. Claim a prompt minimum word count is 1000, post then claim another prompt.

is comment_fic people are posting prompts & fic is being posted. Want more Dark Angle post the prompts. It lets people (writers) know you're interested, that there’s an audience—me :)

Ok that’s it unless anyone wants to cheerleader me on my bigbang… I should be posting here 12-12, or just after, its Alec/Logan ;) Otherwise go post prompts, stir create more DA ♥