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New: Candy and Kisses 2/2 (DA- Alec/Logan) [NC-17] [Nov. 4th, 2009|10:28 pm]
The Dark Angel Halloween Ficathon


Author: Rini myficjournal and Saklani saklani2
Title: Candy and Kisses
Codes: Alec/Logan
Series: Dark Angel
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: Alec's been hypnotised. Everytime someone says his trigger word he makes out with Logan.
Disclaimer: We don’t own them. We mean them no harm. We make no profit.
Posting: Please ask first!
Author's Notes: This is our second Dark Angel fic either together or separately, so please be gentle. We played around some with canon, so please forgive us. Also, we are late... ack! Sorry about that, too!

The sound of his door opening made Logan wake up and nearly fall off the bed. He grabbed for his glasses, blinked owlishly a few times at the figure in the doorway and blew out a relieved sigh. "Alec. You nearly gave me a heart attack."

"Sorry," Alec said quietly, leaning against the door frame to Logan's bedroom. "Wasn't thinking you'd have been in bed already."

"I am. I mean, I was," Logan said. He patted the bed next to him. "Come here, Alec?"
Alec nodded, crossed the room to sit on Logan's bed. He reached out and traced his fingers over the back of Logan's hand and waited for Logan to inevitably ask him why he was there.

Logan reached out and wrapped his arms around Alec, using them to pull himself close. "No legs," he explained with a sheepish grin, before kissing Alec softly. "So, want to tell me?"

Wrapping his arms around Logan, Alec held him close and kissed him back. He lowered Logan to the bed and then twined their fingers. "Was home thinking about you and couldn't sleep."

Logan looked up at Alec and stroked his hair gently. "You're welcome anytime, Alec. Don't need an excuse to come see me, even in the middle of the night." He kissed his forehead and then his mouth, slow and deep.

"No?" Alec asked, relaxing into Logan and the kiss. "He tugged his boyfriend in close and nuzzled at his ear. "Still not quite sure how this all works."

Logan rubbed up and down Alec's back, knowing how much he loved the touches. They had not gone beyond intense petting and making out, and Logan wondered if the young, virile Alec was getting restless. "You still had a reason for coming here tonight, yeah?"

Alec hummed at the touches, pressing into Logan's side. "Hmmmm, yeah. I want you, Logan. Want to be with you."

Logan chuckled and reached down to press a hand against Alec's groin, massaging the bulge there. "Want to relax some more? Take off a few clothes?"

"Don't want to push, Logan, but god your hand feels good on me." Alec rocked his hips into Logan's touch with a moan.

"I don't mind, Alec," Logan said. "I remember how it was when I was a little younger. And transgenics run hot sexually, too, don't they?"

Alec shrugged, rutting his hips into Logan's hand. "I guess, I don't know...I mean I just know I've always been sexually driven. Could be my X-5 status or just being a transgenic. God, Logan." He kissed Logan hard, hands kneading at Logan's shoulders.

Logan opened his mouth to Alec's kiss and then tugged at his shirt, urging him to take it off. He wanted to feel Alec's skin against his. "Come on, Alec."

Lifting his arms, Alec let Logan take his shirt off. He rolled Logan onto his back on the bed, hovering over him and stripping the blanket down to his hips. "Love that you sleep topless," he breathed over Logan's ski, dipping his head to swirl his tongue around Logan's nipple.

"Alec," Logan groaned and gripped his back, tugging him closer. "Feels so good, Alec." His back bowed and pressed him even more into Alec's mouth.

Alec grinned and sucked Logan's nipple into his mouth to suckle at it before he moved on to the other nipple. His tongue flicked out and curled around the second one before suckling that one. Pulling back with a grin, Alec rubbed his cheek on Logan's chest. "Love your body, Logan, so responsive to me."

Logan huffed a little laugh and melted back into the bed. "I haven't been touch in far, far too long, you're pretty much a pro at it, and I rather like you... of course I respond," he said. He stroked Alec's cheek. "Didn't know you'd be so affectionate."

"You keep saying that." Alec grinned. "Thought we decided to forgo the preconceptions." Chuckling, Alec nibbled his way up Logan's chest to his throat and then up again to his ear.

Logan chuckled and said, "Yeah. Sorry. I've never been with a really affectionate man before. Guess I was always choosing the manly men who had to be macho all the time or something."

Alec snorted. "You saying I'm not manly? Or, macho?" He shook his head and then nibbled his way back down Logan's throat. "Might want to stop while you're ahead."

Logan whacked the back of Alec's head playfully and said, "There's such a thing as being carried away by those things." He lifted his head to let Alec access his throat.

Kissing Logan, Alec stopped their discussion right then and there. He pulled back with a grin. "I love getting you all riled up." Alec nuzzled under Logan's jaw and then pulled back to kiss him deeply.

Logan grumbled into the kiss and hold Alec close. He wished he could spread his legs and cradle him there, but settled for reaching down to caress his cock again. His eyes fluttered as he worked Alec's cock through the material of his pants, remembering the last time he made love with another man.

Moaning, Alec rocked his hips into Logan's hand. "Love the way you touch me, so sure and so good." He dropped his forehead to Logan's shoulder and pressed kisses over the bare skin.

Logan fumbled for Alec's zipper and managed to work it off him. He hummed contentedly when he reached into Alec's pants and found firm, hot flesh. "There you are."

"Oh fuck, Logan," Alec moaned, shifting his hips forward and thrusting his cock into Logan's easy grip.
"Love your hands on me."

"And this is just a warm up for you," Logan promised. He twisted at the top of Alec's cock and then made a nice fist for him to thrust through. "You want me?"

"So much, you have no idea, Logan." Alec rolled his head on Logan's shoulder, hips working steadily to thrust his cock in and out of Logan's grip. "Fuck, so good."

"What do you want with me?" Logan asked, moving his hand again in counter rhythm to Alec's thrusts. "My ass?"

"I want everything, Logan. I want your ass, your cock, your mouth, your hand." Alec smiled and nipped at Logan's lower lip while continuing to rock his hips.

"All tonight?" Logan asked but did not slow his hand down. He concentrated on giving Alec pleasure, watching his face avidly for every sign that he was doing this right. He wanted everything to be good for his young lover.

Alec laughed, shaking his head and then tipping it back on a loud moan. "No, not all tonight. But, I do want it all with you. Just want you to make me come, Logan."

"Greedy kitten," Logan cooed, not at all upset. He tried the twist at the head of each stroke that he liked, wanting to feel Alec lose it.

"God, Logan," Alec rutted into Logan's hand, his hips moving almost out of his control with the way his boyfriend knew how to squeeze and twist and tease him. "So good... gonna make me come all over you."

"Yes, want you to do that," Logan said, almost embarrassed by how hoarse his voice sounds. "Please, Alec. Make a mess all over me."

Alec cried out with Logan's words, body shuddering and trembling into his and coming hard on Logan's stomach and hand. He buried his head in Logan's throat and nipped at his throat.

Logan relaxed underneath Alec, enjoying the warm weight of his lover's body and the mess cooling on his hand and stomach.

Kissing and nuzzling into Logan's throat, Alec rested himself on Logan's chest. "Thank you, Logan." He stroked one hand down Logan's side and then dragged his fingers lightly up Logan's half hard cock.

Logan groaned, as his hips and cock twitched in unison. "Always welcome, Alec," he whispered. "Whenever you need."

"I don't want it to be about my need, though. What do you want, Logan?" Alec kissed him and continued to lightly tease Logan's cock

Logan shivered and shook his head a little. "I'm not very sensual, Alec. More cerebral. But I like the way you're touching me."

Alec frowned slightly and then kissed Logan deeply. "You are far more sensual than you give yourself credit for, Logan." He stroked his fingers slowly and teasingly up and down Logan's cock, watching as it twitched and filled for him.

Logan breathed out in harsh pants as Alec worked his cock with skillful fingers. "So good, Alec," he groaned, hips twitching some more. "Wish I could move."

"I'm sorry, Logan. I didn't even think about that when I came over tonight." Alec kissed Logan gently, sweetly before pulling back and whispering in his ear. "I wanna make you feel so good. Gonna suck you, Logan."

"Oh, God," Logan groaned and shuddered. "Please, Alec. Been so long. I want that."

Alec grinned, nipped at Logan's ear and then kissed him hot and long. "Gonna suck you until you can't help but fall apart for me." He nibbled his way down Logan's throat, over his collarbone and paused to suckle each nipple in turn.

Logan arched again into the teasing mouth and moaned, hands threading into Alec's short hair. "Feels so good, Alec. Please."

"Anything you want, Logan, always." Alec suckled on Logan's nipple, rolling it with his tongue and then nibbling lightly at it before sliding down his body to nibble and lick at his stomach.

"Fuck, Alec, so good to me," Logan said, voice rich and honey warm. "Treat me so nice."

Alec moaned, nibbling along the tender skin and then down to nose around Logan's mostly hard cock. He nuzzled at Logan, pressing kisses and licks up and down the side of Logan's cock.

Logan whimpered as his cock finally finished hardening under Alec's talented tongue and lips. He was always slow to arousal, but counted himself lucky to respond to anything at all. "Please, Alec."

"Yes, Logan," Alec breathed before taking Logan in his mouth and suckling on the tip of his cock.

Logan watched Alec, before he couldn't bear the sight and shut his eyes on a moan. His hips pushed a little up, but that was all he could manage. "Don't tease. Please."

Alec pulled off. "Won't tease, promise." He took the tip of Logan's cock back into his mouth and then slowly lowered his head, pressing down until Logan slid into the back of his throat.

"Oh." Logan sounded like someone had just punched him in the stomach. "Oh fuck." He shivered and rubbed his hands all over Alec's face and hair.

Sucking him deep, Alec paused a moment and then pulled off slowly, continuing to suck his entire length before pressing down again and swallowing around Logan's cock.

Logan writhed and groaned under Alec's skilled work, feeling his orgasm approaching rapidly. After months of being on his own and with his body's weaknesses, he could not control himself. "Alec," he warned. "Alec."

Unable to encourage Logan any more than he was, Alec suckled at his cock. He wanted to feel Logan let go, to feel Logan lose himself to the pleasure that Alec could offer.

Logan managed to hold off for another three sucks and then came with a cry. He whited out after the first thirty seconds, but came to in time to feel the last bursts. His hands had fallen to the sheets, but he lifted them again to touch Alec's face lovingly, thankfully.

Alec sucked Logan through his orgasm and until his cock was limp enough to slip easily from Alec's mouth. He licked his lips, eyes closed and head resting on Logan's hip while Logan petted him. Tipping his head up, Alec caught one of Logan's fingers with his lips and pressed a kiss to the tip.

Logan smiled at the soft gesture and tugged at Alec. "Come here and kiss me?" he asked, soft and almost shy.

Sliding up the bed, Alec curled himself over Logan's chest. He started off with a light, gentle kiss and then slowly deepened it.

Logan kissed back, enjoying the mingled flavor of himself and Alec. He rubbed over Alec's broad back again, thanking him for everything with the broad sweeps of his hands. He knew Alec would believe that more than any words.

Alec settled in for a moment. "Can I stay?" he asked, timid and unsure of his welcome overnight. It was new territory for them and he'd basically invited himself in.

"Please," Logan said, stroking through Alec's hair. "I want you here with me. I want you to bring some of your stuff here. There's lot of room."

"You do? Really, Logan?" Alec propped himself up and blinked down at Logan with a half-smile on his face. He'd not expected that offer.

Logan smiled up at Alec and traced his face down his nose and over his mouth. "Yes, I do. I want you to feel like this is your home, too."

Alec smiled a real smile for Logan and then kissed him. "That means a lot, Logan." He snuggled down into the bed, still curled to Logan's side.

"Do I get to keep stuff at your place?" Logan asked with a teasing smile.

"Yeah, if you really want to... though it might be a bit crowded with Joshua always there." Alec leaned up and kissed Logan.

Logan smiled into the kiss at the thought of Joshua and asked, "Are we going to tell everyone? About this? About us?"

Alec smiled, shy and hopeful. "Yeah, if you're okay with that." He kissed Logan again, eyes closed and pouring the feelings he was only just learning into it.

"Do we tell Max first?" Logan asked, stroking Alec's cheek. "She'll probably take the longest to accept this."

Groaning, Alec nodded. "Yeah, we should probably tell her on her own and then we can tell everyone else... maybe Joshua second." He hesitated, biting his lower lip. "I mean, if I start spending time here he might wonder why I'm not home."

"Would he be all right if you moved in with me?" Logan asked with a little smile. He freed Alec's lower lip and then kissed him softly.

Alec caught his breath. "I'm sure he'd be fine." He pulled back and looked at Logan with huge eyes. "Are you sure? I mean, it's kinda new and I don't want to be in your way."

Logan smiled at Alec's expression of wonderment. "You're special, Alec. I'm interested in going faster." He stroked over his cheek and kissed him softly.

Returning the kiss, Alec allowed himself to sink into Logan. He stroked a hand up and down Logan's arm and finally pulled back with a slight gasp. Alec nuzzled at Logan's ear and then lightly kissed his cheek. "I want that too, want to be with you."

Logan smiled and turned his head to nuzzle at Alec's cheek. "You don't mind that I'-" he gestured to his legs and then stroked through his hair again.

"No, god no, Logan... don't ever think that." Alec turned their mouths together and kissed Logan fiercely. "You are so much more than your parts," he teased. "Besides, you are how I've always known you and I like you."

"It's just, you are so much stronger and faster than a normal man... and I'm not even half a man physically." Logan grinned at the teasing though, loving how warm Alec's green eyes were.

Alec shook his head. "Being a man has nothing to do with what your body can do. It's who you are, what you stand and fight for." He kissed Logan deeply. "We can work around your legs, if you can work around my occasional attitude."

"Occasional?" Logan teased and then kissed him again. "You're getting to be very grown up, Alec. A man."

"Thank you," It felt odd for Alec to hear that, but he could appreciate the compliment that it was. "I want to be a man for you."

Logan chuckled and ducked his head. "I supposed that wasn't a very smooth compliment," he said, before pulling him down for a kiss. "You're so gorgeous, Alec."

Alec chuckled with him. "It was a compliment, trust me." He pressed a gentle kiss to Logan's lips. "My looks are part of what Manticore gave me, but I'm glad that you like them."

Logan scowled at the idea of Manticore and kissed Alec again. "Don't care that Manticore designed your looks, Alec. You're your own man, and I love you for everything."

Chuckling, Alec kissed Logan again, holding in close. He kissed until Logan was nearly out of breath and then pulled back, rubbing their noses together. "Good... now let's get some sleep so I can tease you in the morning."

"Tease me in the morning?" Logan asked with a smile. "You want to do that how exactly?" He rubbed Alec's cheek and then nuzzled under his chin.

"You'll find out in the morning." Alec grinned and tipped his head so that Logan could nuzzle all he wanted. "Wouldn't do to give away all my secrets."

"How much of a tom cat are you?" Logan asked, eyes warm and curious. "I mean... do you know?"

Alec thought about it and then shook his head. "No idea really. Don't even know if they gave me anything different than what they gave Max. She ever -uh- come at you in heat?"

"We had to make sure she didn't because of the virus," Logan said, a wisp of sorrow in his eyes. He stroked over Alec's cheek and kissed him again.

"I wondered." Alec breathed the words into the kiss before pulling back gently. "I'm sorry that you didn't have a shot at what you wanted with her."

Logan nipped Alec's lower lip and said, "You're all I want now, Alec. You." He rubbed his cheek against Alec's and whispered, "I wonder if you'll be all alpha cat on me."

Sighing, Alec rubbed his face against Logan's. "I could be... or maybe I'll just want you to rub my belly." He chuckled and lifted his mouth for another kiss.

Logan reached down and rubbed Alec's stomach the way he would a kitten. "Like that?" he asked, before kissing him.

"Yeah, maybe with your nails, too." Alec rumbled a soft sound in his throat at the way Logan stroked his belly.

Logan curled his fingers and scratched at Alec's belly, gentle over the skin and muscle. "How's that, Alec?"

Alec chuckled, writhing under Logan's touch. No one had ever just touched him before, not without some other intent behind it, whether it was sexual or violent. "Feels nice, Logan."

"Roll on your back, Alec," Logan said with a smile, "and let me have access to your stomach. I want to pet you."

"Yeah?" he asked shyly, rolling onto his back and pushing the covers down and away. Alec stretched his arms over his head, resting on the pillow while he stared at Logan with wide eyes.

"Alec," Logan whispered tenderly and then began to stroke over Alec's stomach. He made sure to use his nails and cover every inch of skin bared to him. He could not help but reach down to touch Alec's flaccid cock as well, gently and with quiet awe.

Alec shuddered with the tender way Logan touched him. He rocked his body slowly into Logan's hand with a quiet sigh, his eyes slipping half shut. "Feels nice, Logan. Can feel the touch all over."

Logan spread his fingers over Alec's stomach and swept up his chest and over each nipple with the flat of his hand. "You like this, too?"

"Yeah, it's amazing how good it feels just to be touched." Alec smiled at Logan reaching one hand up to lightly stroke over Logan's stomach.

"Alec," Logan breathed on an exhale. "Your hands feel good on me, too. So nice."

Alec grinned. "Maybe, when it's said and done... this is where we're supposed to be."

"I think so," Logan said. "The broken, moralistic, over-thinking Eyes Only with the virile, fun-loving transgenic." He swiped over Alec's stomach and then down to touch his legs.

Shivering from the touch, Alec grinned at Logan. "We balance each other out, don't we?"

"Well, we are very different people, but I think those things blended together," Logan said. He pressed a soft kiss under each of Alec's eyes and sighed. "Alec."

"Yeah?" Alec asked, eyes closed and hands reaching out to skim Logan's body.

Logan smiled, eyes warm and affectionate, and surveyed how Alec sprawled contentedly over the bed. He put a hand over one of Alec's on his side and twined their fingers. "Yes, Alec. Don't think it'll be easy, though."

Alec laughed. "Yeah, I'm not figuring much of anything with us will actually be easy, you know?"

Logan frowned a little and nodded, leaving one hand stretched across Alec's lower belly and the other tangled in Alec's. "I think it'll be worth it, though."

"I do too." Alec swept his thumb over the back of Logan's knuckles. "I wouldn't be here if I didn't think it would be worth our time...regardless of what happens."

Logan hauled himself in position to rest his head on Alec's shoulder, which took a bit of tugging with his arms. "I'm thinking I might increase my Eyes Only activities, at least in the realm of equal rights for transgenics."

Alec blinked in surprise, looking down on Logan before pressing a kiss to his forehead. "You think?" he asked, quietly.

"I want to walk down the street with you and have everyone know who you are," Logan said. He reached back to caress the barcode on Alec's neck. "I want people to stop hunting you."

A smile blossomed over Alec's face. "You want to be seen with me?"

Logan nodded and kissed Alec softly, fingers tracing every curve of the barcode. "And I want them to know that we chose each other, transgenic and mundane." He rested his head on Alec's shoulder again. "I want you to be able to be with me openly."

Alec was slightly stunned, closing his eyes and pressing his lips hard against Logan's temple. "I want people to know who we are, too."

Logan sighed and shifted closer. "It's a long way off, I'm afraid; the way the world is now. And it'll be dangerous, taking on the establishment over your rights... but, it'll be worth it."

"It'll be worth it, you think?" Alec smiled and tipped Logan's face up for a deeper kiss.

"I know. I just hope we live to see it," Logan said. He rubbed his thumb over Alec's cheek and kissed him softly. "Do you need to take tryptophan, the way Max does?"

Alec nodded. "Yeah, at the core we all have a genetic cocktail that requires it. Though, I have been able to go more than 24-hours without it." Sighing, Alec rubbed his chin on Logan's hair. "Doing that does leave me weak and vulnerable for a bit."

Logan stroked Alec's nape, hating the idea of him being vulnerable to anything. Alec should always be strong, cocky and smug, even when it was damn annoying. He pressed a kiss to Alec's shoulder and said, "I have a small stash of pills, but I'll have to make sure to get more."

"Thank you. I can bring some of my stash over too." Alec closed his eyes and sighed happily.

Logan smiled and began to stroke Alec's chest and stomach with slow, teasing sweeps of his fingers. He loved how content the transgenic was in his presence now, so different from how edgy he'd been at first. "Do Alec's mate for life?" he asked with a teasing lilt.

Chuckling, Alec sparkled a smile at Logan. "I don't know, but I'd like to believe I do."

Logan grinned back and danced his fingers just above Alec's groin, before tracing them through the curls of hair above his cock. "You'll forgive me if I'm a bit dull witted around you."

Alec flushed and then chuckled. "You'll be dull witted around me?"

"I'm having trouble comprehending that you've chosen me," Logan admitted, a slight flush to his features. "With Max, I understood why, our shared history and all, but you-" He shook his head and stroked back up Alec's stomach to his right cheek, cupping the curve. "You're something else."

Flushing a deeper pink color, Alec slid his fingers through Logan's hair. "There was always something about you, Logan. Something about the way you interact with people that made me want to really know you."

Logan's eyes fluttered shut as he pushed into the gentle hand, which he knew possessed great strength. "I'm glad, Alec." He grinned a little and asked softly, "Remember the time we hugged in Crash and people were staring at us because we never got along?"

"Yeah," Alec whispered, brushing his lips over Logan's forehead. "People are going to have to get used to it."

Logan chuckled and said, "I want to do things like that in public, now that we're together. No hiding it." He tilted his head to catch Alec's mouth.

"No hiding it," Alec echoed when their kiss broke off. "Don't want anyone to think that you're available any longer. You're mine, Logan."

Logan chuckled and pinched Alec's right nipple playfully. "You don't exactly have competition, Alec. I don't attract people the way you do."

Alec snorted in disbelief. "I think if you looked around you, you'd notice a lot more people interested in you than you think." He tugged lightly on Logan's hair, tilting his head for a brief kiss.

Logan kissed back and then slid a hand over Alec's chest to rest lightly on his collarbone. "Well, I have eyes only for you."

Another chuckle and Alec kissed Logan. "I like that Eyes Only only has eyes for me. You're the only one I have eye for too."

Logan snorted and punched Alec lightly for the lame pun, before stretching his upper body and groaning a little. "Gonna be sore in the morning."

"Yeah?" Alec asked, stroking his hands over Logan's body. "I could massage you, if you want."

Logan smiled and nodded. "That would be awesome. Technically, I should be doing more physical therapy for my back, but I end up spending more time as Eyes Only than working on it."

Alec bit his lower lip, hesitating only briefly. "If you would like, I could help you with the therapy. I'd like to be involved with your life."

"You'd better not make any promises until you see what's involved," Logan said, but he was beaming. "I mean, it's hard on my body, and I swear like a sailor and tend to get cranky."

"But then I can massage the pain out of you." Alec grinned and kissed him thoroughly.

Logan groaned and hauled himself up by the force of his arms, rolling on top of Alec. "Yeah, I bet you can." He grasped one of Alec's hands and kissed and sucked on each finger.

Alec moaned, long and loud while Logan suckled his fingers. His body was already responding, cock twitching and filling at the suggestive way Logan was treating his hand. "Fuck Logan."

Logan grinned and swirled his tongue over the fingertip currently in his mouth. He released Alec's finger with a pop and said, "I think someone's getting all hot and bothered again."

"Can't blame me when you're so amazingly hot, Logan." Alec chuckled, head tipped back on a quiet moan.

"Not blaming you at all," Logan assured him. "I like doing that to you."

Alec laughed. "Yeah? You like when I respond to you that way?" He tugged Logan in for a deep kiss.

"Of course. I'm proud that I can make you respond to me. I mean, look at you, Alec. You're sexy as Hell, inside and out. I want to be the one in your life."

"You're the one, Logan." Alec arched up under Logan, rolling their bodies together. "And I really think you sell yourself short. You're far hotter than you realize."

"Roll me under you, Alec," Logan whispered, stroking Alec's sides and kissing his face in hot little pecks.

Alec flipped them quickly, taking care to move Logan gently with his strength. "That better, Logan?" He nuzzled at Logan's jaw, nibbling along his throat.

Logan arched under Alec's strength and hummed in pleasure. "Yes. Since I can't move my legs, it's easier to give you pleasure from here." He spread his palms over Alec's back and rubbed up and down, caressing the curves of his ass.

"You gonna keep giving me pleasure?" Alec chuckled and rocked his hips against Logan.

"If you desire," Logan said and nipped at Alec's full lower lip. He tugged at it lightly and then tilted his head to kiss him deeper.

Alec returned Logan's embrace, holding him close and kissing him thoroughly. He pulled back with a sigh, rolling his hips instinctively. "Feels so good to have you under me, Logan."

"A tom cat, like I said," Logan murmured, kissing over Alec's face. "All alpha and dominating."

"You like me like that, don't you, Logan?" Alec rumbled in his throat, nipping and sucking along Logan's neck and jaw line before kissing him deeply.

Logan groaned into the kiss and held Alec tightly. He nuzzled into his neck, inhaling deeply, when they parted and murmured, knowing Alec would hear, "I like how strong you are. How easily you can dominate me, if you want. Makes me feel safe and wanted."

Alec grinned, a bit shy. "You like that? I want to protect you, want to keep you safe by my side." He leaned up and kissed Logan thoroughly, letting him see just how much Alec felt for him.

Logan opened up to the kiss, one hand buried deep in Alec's short hair. "You'd think I'd resent your strength," he murmured, when they parted. "But as long as you never use it against me-" he stroked Alec's arms "-I like knowing that you can, but won't."

"I could never use it against you." Alec nuzzled along Logan's jaw, pressing his lips to Logan's ear. "Could only use it to pleasure and protect you."

"How fiercely protective are you?" Logan asked, pressing small kisses over Alec's face and then brushing them down his neck.

Alec growled. "I would kill anyone who threatened to harm you."

Logan shivered at the idea of Alec killing for him, even as he disliked the notion. He kissed his throat and nosed under his chin in an instinctively submissive gesture. "And someone who tried to steal my heart?"

Alec stopped, the breath shuddering from his body. He closed his eyes and pressed a kiss to Logan's temple. "I would let you make your choice, for as much as I claim you as mine...I should not hold you if you wanted to go."

Logan nipped lightly under Alec's chin and then pressed a kiss to the same spot, the formal words warming him. "You really are all grown up, Alec," he whispered.

Shuddering against Logan, Alec whispered, "I already think it would kill me to let you go."

Logan lifted his head and sought out Alec's eyes, reading the truth of the statement there. He caressed Alec's cheek and kissed him softly. "You've nothing to worry about, Alec. I'm not going anywhere willing."

"Me either," Alec said, kissing Logan back just as sweetly.

Logan smiled and nuzzled Alec's cheek. "Would you like to be inside me?" he asked.

Alec kissed Logan hard. "Yeah, God yeah Logan...but I want our first time to be with you able to give as good as you get." He grinned, rubbing their noses together and then brushing a soft kiss over his lips.

Logan smiled back and asked, "How may I service you then?" He snaked a hand down to grasp Alec's erection, pressed between them.

"Fuck, Logan." Alec dropped his head forward onto Logan's shoulder and rocked his hips into the sure grip. "Feels so good to have you touch me," he murmured, brushing kisses over Logan's collarbone and then up his throat.

"You just want my hand?" Logan whispered and peppered Alec's face with wet kisses. "Nothing else?"

Alec nodded, burying his face in Logan's throat. "Love the touch of your hand. Dream about the way you touch me sometimes."

Logan smiled and stroked Alec's cock with his slender, talented fingers. He slid his other hand over Alec's nape and petted the area, curling his fingernails in like Alec had requested before. He wanted his lover to build slowly, almost drowsily, to his climax in Logan's arms.

"So good the way you touch me," Alec shuddered, his hips moving in a lazy counterpoint to Logan's touch. He already knew his lover's way, knew how much Logan liked the slow build. It was something Alec was becoming more used to with time, a far cry from the quick and dirty fucks he'd sometimes allowed himself to indulge in.

"Yeah? You like it when I ease you to climax?" Logan whispered into Alec's ear. "I love how your body feels in my arms."

Alec trembled, the sweetness of Logan's touch and words a feeling he was still getting accustomed to. "Please Logan," he begged, not even sure what he was asking Logan to do. Alec tugged Logan's mouth to his own for a deep kiss.

Logan rubbed over the head of Alec's cock and then the bundle of nerves just underneath. "What do you need, my Alec?"

"More," Alec trembled in Logan's arms, hips rocking forward and back in the grip.

"So much for slow?" Logan teased and sped up his efforts, wanting to give Alec what he needed.

"Oh god," Alec shook and clung to Logan. "Logan," he breathed, eyes dropping closed and head arching back.

"Is this what you want?" Logan whispered, rubbing the muscles of Alec's neck in time with his cock. "You're so handsome, so gorgeous as I touch you."

Alec moaned. "Yes please Logan. Love your hands on me."

"Whatever you need, Alec," Logan promised. He smeared some of Alec's precome on his hand and used it as a kind of lube to speed and slick his strokes.

"Wanna do for you, Logan. How can I make you feel good?" Alec clenched at Logan's shoulders, rocking into his hand and nipping at his throat.

"This does feel good to me, Alec," Logan assured gently. "Pleasuring you makes me happy."

Alec grinned shyly, head tipping back when Logan's hand stroked up his cock to tease at the head. "You make me feel so good, Logan."

Logan moved a hand from Alec's back to trace over his smile, loving the shy tinge. "That's what I want. More than anything, Alec. You should always feel good." He slid down Alec's cock with his hand and then cupped his balls, caressing them through their sack.

"Oh," Alec breathed out, spreading his legs to give Logan easier access. "Somehow I think you're always going to make me feel good."

"That's my aim," Logan whispered, before chewing lightly on Alec's neck. He tugged at Alec's sack and then went back to jacking him off, firm and slow. "You're so wet," he said, loving the way Alec leaked everywhere.

"Because of you, for you." Alec moaned, rocking his hips so that Logan could feel how much he wanted this, how much he loved having Logan touch him.

Logan released Alec's cock for a moment to rub over his back, sides and ass with strong, sure hands. "Like being touched all over, Alec?"

"Hmmmmm, love it." Alec arched and rocked into Logan's touch. His body was hyper-sensitive, taking in the feel of Logan's hands and making Alec crave more.

"So gorgeous," Logan breathed. "Love how you react to my touch." He rubbed between Alec's ass, over the small ring of muscle, and then massaged the twin globes. Finally, he returned to stroking Alec's cock, from base to tip.

Alec hummed, smiling at Logan and stroking his fingers down Logan's throat and pressing kisses under his jaw. He closed his eyes and rocked his hips in time with Logan's fist.

"You close?" Logan asked, swirling his thumb over the wet slit and spreading it everywhere. He moved his other hand from Alec's back to his front, pinching his nipples and sweeping over his navel.

"Yeah," Alec breathed, forcing his eyes open and smiling at Logan. "Little faster, please?" he begged, needing just a bit more from Logan in order to come.

Logan sped up his attentions to Alec's cock and worked a little harder, too, thinking Alec would enjoy the extra tightness. "Come on, Alec. Come for me."

Moaning, Alec tipped his head back. He trembled in Logan's arms, biting at his lower lip when his boyfriend slowly worked him towards his orgasm. A few strokes later and a quickly indrawn breath, and Alec came all over Logan's hand.

"Alec," Logan whispered and lifted his hand to lick at his fingers. "You taste good, too. My perfect Alec." He rubbed the slick fingers down his side.

"Not perfect," Alec protested, his voice quiet even once he lifted his head to press a kiss to Logan's mouth.

"You're perfect in my arms," Logan said, petting his hair. He continued to stroke over his warm skin, up and down his lovely body.

Alec grinned, blushing slightly. "I'm glad you think so," he said, arching against Logan with a soft purring sound.

Logan grinned and rubbed his hands even more over Alec, wanting to hear him purr all the way to sleep. "Listen to my baby purr."

"I'll purr all you want, Logan." Alec hummed softly and then purred for him again, rubbing his cheek on Logan's chest.

"You tired?" Logan asked with a smile. "We could take a quick bath, wash off. I don't have to be up at any time tomorrow."

"Exhausted now that you've warn me out." Alec turned and looked sleepily at Logan. "We can bathe if you want, though."

"Should at least clean up," Logan said with a little chuckle at Alec's dopey grin. He kissed the smile, finding it sweet.

Alec returned the kiss, deepening it enough for them to sink into each other for a moment. "Let's get clean, then." He kissed Logan again, rolled off his boyfriend and then scooped Logan into his arms. "We'll take a bath."

Logan yelped in surprise and then flushed at the noise. He wrapped his arms around Alec's neck and said, "It'll be nice and relaxing to lie in your arms in the warm water."

"We can definitely relax together. I like the idea of holding you in my arms." Alec nuzzled Logan's cheek and walked him into the bathroom.

Logan leaned back in his favorite place on the couch and watched Max and OC laugh at the pictures from the Halloween party, particularly he and Alec in their Starsky and Hutch costumes. "It wasn't that funny."

Original Cindy tipped her head back on another laugh. "Oh, Logan, it really is that funny." She nudged Max and then stood up to take one of the drinks from Alec's hand with a grin.

Alec handed Max her drink, moving away from her and settling on the arm of Logan's chair. He gave Logan his drink and then ruffled Logan's hair with his hand. "I thought they were inspired."

Logan grinned and rested his head on Alec's thigh with a contented sigh. "They were inspired. Even if Alec did look ridiculous in the wig."

Max laughed and shook her head, affection for both men in her gaze. She had long since accepted their relationship, even as she envied Alec for getting the man she had wanted herself. "Only you, Logan, could persuade Alec to wear such an outfit."

"Hey," Alec pouted and stroked his hand through Logan's hair. "I've relaxed a lot since I fell in love with this guy."

Max bit back a pout and said in a mild tone, "Yeah, you really have. Less attitude, too. Unless someone gets too near him." She rolled her eyes.

Logan chuckled and reached up to catch Alec's hand, pulling it to his mouth for a quick kiss. "He still has attitude at other times, too."

Max made a face. "Too much information."

Original Cindy scrunched up her nose and shook her head as though clearing a bad mental image. "Yeah, I don't need to ever hear anything about your sex life... please."

Alec tipped his head back and laughed at them all. He'd slowly, but surely, gotten comfortable in feeling as though they were his friends, his family too and Logan had been a huge part in that. "Dinner'll be ready in fifteen minutes or so."

Logan stroked over Alec's powerful leg and squeezed his calf gently. "What are we having tonight, Alec?"

Max smiled a little sadly, seeing how much the men loved each other. Leaning against OC, she said, "Yeah, wifey, what are we having?"

Alec shot her a slight glare, though he knew that she teased him with care. The fact often still surprised him. "I made a roasted chicken with rosemary main dish, grilled sweet potatoes and eggplant with some wild rice." He looked at them a bit sheepishly. "I kinda went on a raid for our first anniversary dinner."

"I don't even want to know how you got all of that," Logan said, shaking his head and laughing a little. He found Alec's hand again and entwined their fingers. "But for our first anniversary, it's totally worth whatever mischief you've been up to."

"I've not been up to any mischief," Alec huffed, swiping his thumb over Logan's hand and grinning wickedly at Max and Original Cindy.

Original Cindy laughed at them, shaking her head. "Well, I'll take the benefits of your not-mischief any time, Alec. It's one of the only times we all eat real food." She ruffled Max's hair, knowing that her friend sometimes still felt a twinge over the boys being so happy together.

"He makes sure to keep me well fed and full of energy," Logan said, eyes warm behind his glasses. He rubbed his cheek against Alec's leg, thinking of how well Alec took care of him.

"Alec knows what side his bread is buttered on," Max said with a snort. She leaned against her friend with a little sigh. "It is nice to take a night off from Eyes Only business."

Alec mock glowered at her again, a little stung by her assertion that he did what he did for underhanded reasons. "It's definitely nice to be able to sit around here with our friends and not be concentrating on the work." Alec stroked Logan's head, down his throat and back up again.

Logan sighed and pressed into Alec's hand. "Are the two of you saying I'm over-working you?" he asked. "I know Eyes Only has been insanely busy this past year, but we're finally making progress."

"I'll gladly work as much as you need me to, love." Alec grinned and leaned down to press a kiss to Logan's forehead. "But that doesn't change how nice it is to be able to spend some time not talking about work with our friends."

Max threw a pillow at Logan and said, "That's not what I meant either, jackass. But it is nice to kick back." She put her feet on the coffee table, even as Logan arched an eyebrow at her scoldingly.

Original Cindy shook her head, laughing at her friends. "We all work too hard, but we also take plenty of time for each other." She pushed herself to her feet and finished her drink. "Anyone else need a refill?"

Alec rubbed Logan's neck and then pushed off the edge of the chair with a smile. "I'll come with you, and we can bring another round out." He had to check on the meal anyway, so he grabbed his and Logan's glasses to take back into the kitchen.

Logan watched them disappear into the kitchen and looked at Max. He was very glad that Max and Alec had buried the hatchet, and everyone had settled into a comfortable friendship. "I really love him, you know," he said softly. "And he loves me."

Max twitched, but then nodded. "I wouldn't stand by if I thought he was playing your heart." She clenched and unclenched her fists. "You're good for each other."

Alec puttered around the kitchen, glasses placed on the island while he checked on the food. Humming softly, he smiled to see it was nearly done and went about preparing the serving dishes before refilling all of the glasses with their drinks.

Original Cindy leaned against the cabinets, watching Alec work and marveling at the change a year had made. "You look really happy," she said, nodding at the way he puttered.

"I am," Alec said, wiping his hands off and handing Original Cindy her glass. "I never understood what Max meant about living and being out in the world until Logan showed me."

"You'll find someone else, Max," Logan said.

"I've been so busy trying to make things work out for all the escapees, I don't have time to be lonely," Max said with a dismissive wave. She hopped up and headed for the kitchen. "Gonna get our drinks."

Original Cindy smiled at Alec and then turned, almost bumping into Max. "Come for some booze?" she teased, stepping back out of the way.

Max smiled at Cindy and picked up her glass, draining it with one go. She looked at Alec and asked, "You know how lucky you are, don't you?"

Alec looked at Max and smiled softly. He nodded, eyes completely serious. "Believe me, Max, I know." His words were softly spoken, but he'd never said a truer thing. "Dinner's ready if you ladies want to have a seat... and let Logan know."

"Logan needs a hand to his chair," Max said. "Cindy and I can handle the food. And you need to get yourself some candy."

Blinking at the women, Alec nodded and wandered out of the kitchen. He smiled upon seeing Logan, leaning down to cup his face and to kiss him thoroughly without any warning at all. Alec swept his tongue over Logan's lips, pressing for entrance and needing to taste his lover.

Logan kissed back eagerly and when Alec did not pull back, realized what had happened and pushed him away gently. "Hey there," he murmured through swollen lips.

Alec smiled at Logan, pressing tiny kisses to his mouth. "Hey," he said, blinking and then looking at Logan. "Um, what happened?" Alec asked standing up and caressing Logan's cheek with his fingers.

"Apparently, you're still programmed to kiss me," Logan said with a chuckle. He pulled Alec back into a kiss. "Want to carry me to the table?"

Sinking into the kiss, Alec hummed softly and then smiled back at Logan. "Of course I'll carry you." He grinned and easily hefted Logan into his arms. Carrying his lover to the table, he seated Logan in his usual spot at the head nearest the kitchen before going back and moving Logan's wheelchair into place in case he wanted or needed to get into it for any reason. "Let me just finish up and bring everything out."

Max came out with a platter of food and grinned at Logan. "Whatever Cindy and I did to him, we did it right."

Logan shook his head with a laugh. "We've got to find a way to break that hypnosis. He can't keep kissing me every time he hears the word."

"You mean candy?" Max asked with a smirk.

Alec stopped where he was, turned around, smiled at Logan and then cupped Logan's face in his hands. He brushed their noses together before pressing his lips to his lover's and deepening the kiss.

Original Cindy stood in the background grinning to herself and then walking to the table with the platter of chicken which she place in the center of the table. "He certainly seems to enjoy it still."

Max laughed, too, and gave Cindy a high five, before heading back in the kitchen with her to finish getting the food.

Logan allowed the kiss to stretch on, before gently shooing Alec away. "She's right; you do enjoy that, even if you don't remember it."

"I do?" Alec asked, blinking at Logan. He shook his head slightly, the odd fog of the hypnosis something he still wasn't used... mostly because Logan took great pains not to say his trigger word around him. "And they love doing it to us, don't they?"

"Well, they do like you following orders," Logan said. He tugged at Alec, hoping he would straddle his lap. "And I have to admit, you're pretty hot when you're sucking my face."

Alec chuckled and moved to settle lightly on Logan's lap. He kept his weight mostly on his own legs though, so Logan's muscles wouldn't bear the strain. "Well, I'd rather only obey your orders, but as long as they only make me kiss you, I can't complain."

Logan stroked Alec's ass and pulled him down to settle more. "You can't hurt my legs," he reminded him softly. "I try not to order you around too much. You're too much of a tom cat to take orders now that you're free." He worked the muscles of Alec's back with gentle, knowing fingers.

"Taking orders from you is different...it's about things that make us both hot and bothered and happy together." Alec smiled, settling himself a bit more against Logan's lap with a happy sigh before kissing him sweetly.

Logan kissed back, loving how Alec kissed him with such gentleness. He rubbed just under the edge of his t-shirt, enjoying the warm skin. "Well, that's usually more begging than ordering."

Alec snorted. "But my point is that I would gladly take your orders because I know you aren't trying to control me." He rubbed their noses together with a grin and then pressed another kiss to Logan's mouth.

"I love you, Alec," Logan said softly. "I would never want to hurt or control you in any way." He traced a little pattern on Alec's back, a heart.

"I know, and I love you all the more for it." Alec grinned and reached up to touch Logan's lips with the tip of his fingers.

"Okay, boys," Original Cindy said, stepping back into the room with some bottles of wine and the rice. "Let's be done with the major mush and enjoy our dinner."

Logan chuckled and gave Alec's finger a parting kiss. "It's your own fault," he told the girls with a grin.

Max snorted and shook her head at them. "Two of you always act this way around each other. It's kinda sickening."

Alec pushed up and off Logan's lap, leaning down for a quick kiss before settling into his seat. "Thanks for bringing the food out." He took the platter of chicken and handed it to Original Cindy to start her serving before sending the potatoes to Logan. Standing up, Alec filled everyone's glasses with their wine and then he settled in with a smile.

Max watched him with a slight smirk. "I never woulda guessed that what you really wanted to be was a housefrau," she told Alec.

Logan patted Alec's arm and said, "He's a lot more than that, Max."

Alec bristled, but forced himself not to rise to the bait. He opened his mouth a couple of times and finally settled on, "What I wanted was something that Manticore never gave me...or any of us. I wanted an actual home."

Max nodded once, face serious again. "They wanted to deny us everything that made us human. You're lucky to find someone to take you in and give you a home."

Logan stroked Alec's leg soothingly, knowing his lover was upset by Max's words. "And you do take good care of me, Alec. There's no shame in that."

Alec smiled at Logan and then turned that same smile on Max. "You're right. I'm incredibly lucky that Logan and I can make a home together." He lifted his shoulder, with a studied carelessness that didn't fool anyone at the table. "I like taking care of Logan and he likes taking care of me."

Max eyed him and then began serving herself vegetables.

Logan shook his head at them both and filled his plate with potatoes, before passing them to Alec. He leaned over and kissed his cheek, glad Alec sat close enough to let him do so. "I love you," he whispered into his ear.

"Love you, too," Alec said, taking the potatoes and serving himself before passing them on to Original Cindy and taking the rice from her. "Do you girls have any plans for the holidays coming up?"

Max nodded and said, "We want to throw all the escapees a Christmas party, now that we're not being actively hunted anymore. We won't be really outré about it or anything, but I think we deserve one."

Logan nodded and said, "That's an awesome idea, Max. Count me in for whatever you need, organizing wise."

Alec nodded, scooping some of the chicken onto his plate. "Me too, I'd like to help with anything you need." He'd never have imagined himself here a year prior, but Alec had definitely learned the value of community, family and helping out those who need it.

Max snorted and said, "I was kinda counting on you to round up food and drinks for us. Nobody knows how to get stuff like you do."

Logan sighed and said, "You two never change."

"Yeah, I can easily do that." Alec grinned at Max and then winked at Logan. "Don't worry, I promise to come home and without the police on my tail." He reached out and stroked his fingers over Logan's arm, knowing how his lover worried when he was out gathering supplies.

Logan caught Alec's hand and squeezed his fingers, swallowing and nodding. "Yeah, I know. I just hate thinking of you getting caught... either of you." He turned toward Max.

Max grinned and winked at them. "I'll keep your Alec safe."

Alec pretended to take offense, but knew that Max said primarily for Logan's benefit. "I don't take any unnecessary risks anymore...I want to come home to you."

Logan smiled and squeezed Alec's fingers again. "I'm glad of that," he said softly.

"Oh my God, the two of you act just like newlyweds." Max scoffed at them and took a huge piece of chicken. "You should consider getting married."

Alec blinked at Logan and then turned to Max with huge, incredulous eyes. He was about to deny the idea but then it really struck him. He could marry Logan. Alec wanted to marry Logan. With a smile, he shrugged and the looked teasingly at Logan. "All in good time... we're still getting to know each other."

Original Cindy snorted and looked up from her piece of chicken. "If you two need to learn more about each other then you're not the guys I thought you were."

"Or you're the slowest moving guys on the planet, anyway," Max said. "And I know that doesn't apply to Smart Alec."

Logan blushed lightly and looked at Alec. "I've always wanted to get married and raise a family."

"Yeah?" Alec hadn't ever thought about it, though Max's words were certainly thundering through his brain now. "Talk about it later?" he asked Logan, not really wanting to involve Max and Original Cindy in such a conversation.

Logan nodded and tugged on Alec to kiss him softly. "You can take my last name and really have a family then."

Max heard the words and forced down another pang of jealousy. She seethed inwardly at Manticore, though, for taking away Logan. And for making Alec, who seemed to so easily take over the role in life she had wanted.

Alec stared at Logan, emotion brimming in his eyes. He swallowed hard and nodded, unable to trust his voice at the thought of marrying Logan and having a family name. Closing his eyes for a brief second, he took Logan's hand and kissed gently. "Love you," he breathed and then took a breath to turn back to their guests too.

Original Cindy nudged Max's leg. They were, in many ways, responsible for Logan and Alec finding happiness and she knew that it ate at Max from time to time. "Well, you'll have to tell us all about the plans when you make them."

Max firmed up her chin, nodded at Original Cindy and said, "We want to be involved when you do decide to hitch together permanently. Even if I do think you're crazy for hooking up with Alec." She grinned at Logan.

Logan chuckled and said, "I think he's more insane for hooking up with me. I'm no bargain."

Laughing, a slight blush on his cheeks, Alec shook his head at the both of them. "Thank you, really. I don't have the even basic idea of how to plan something like that. If," Alec paused and looked at Logan. "No, when it comes to that, I'm definitely going to need help."

"Hey!" Logan threw a roll at Alec's forehead. "Jerk."

Max snorted and said, "Planning a wedding is hard work, so we want to hear the second you propose... whichever of you proposes."

Alec caught the roll without thinking, shooting Logan a small frown. "It is a hard thing to plan...which is why I need help." He tilted his head and arched his eyebrow at Logan. "What was that for?"

"Saying I'm hard to deal with," Logan said with a mock huff of annoyance. "Weddings are a huge deal to plan, especially these days."

"I wasn't saying you were hard to deal with." Alec rolled his eyes. "You know that's not true. I was saying that weddings were hard to do, especially now."

Logan laughed as Alec rolled his eyes at him and gently swatted his young lover. He left his hand on Alec's leg and stroked slowly.

Max nodded and said, "We'll have to keep an eye out for somewhere nice to hold the celebration."

Alec laughed. "Yeah, keep an eye out, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Neither one of us even thought about it until you brought it up tonight." He was smiling from ear to ear, though, already planning on how to get Logan the perfect ring and just where they might find a place for the ceremony.

Max gave Alec a knowing look and said, "Well, we never know when we might need a place to get together for some fun. Crash won't do for everything."

Logan matched Alec's smile, also thinking of the day he could make the prickly, handsome, perfect X5 his.

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