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New: Candy and Kisses 1/2 (DA- Alec/Logan) [NC-17} [Nov. 4th, 2009|09:49 pm]
The Dark Angel Halloween Ficathon


Author: Rini myficjournal and Saklani saklani2
Title: Candy and Kisses
Codes: Alec/Logan
Series: Dark Angel
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: Alec's been hypnotised. Everytime someone says his trigger word he makes out with Logan.
Disclaimer: We don’t own them. We mean them no harm. We make no profit.
Posting: Please ask first!
Author's Notes: This is our second Dark Angel fic either together or separately, so please be gentle. We played around some with canon, so please forgive us. Also, we are late... ack! Sorry about that, too!

Logan Cale watched the couples dancing on the floor of the decked out Crash. He grinned at the jack-o-lantern, skeleton and bat garlands that hung off of everything and the myriad of other Halloween-themed decorations that plastered everything. He was glad Max had talked him into coming to the Halloween Masquerade, even if he was curious about her insistence. He turned toward the door in time to see Alec wander in and admired his costume without being too obvious (he hoped).

Alec walked into the party with a quiet sigh. He'd let Max egg him into coming, and even into showing up in costume, but he wasn't all that happy about it. Looking about the room, he noted that down to the last one everyone was in costume so he at least fit right in. He reached up and adjusted the shoulder plate of his gladiator costume, hefted the shield and made his way to the bar for some liquid fortification...that never really helped any.

Max grinned as Alec entered the bar and elbowed Original Cindy. With a wink at her friend, she sauntered on down to Alec, waving at Logan as she did. "Well, about time you showed up. I was beginning to think you were too chicken to show up."

Snorting, Alec shook his head and took the shot before grabbing his beer and turning toward Max. "When have I ever been too chicken to do something?" He leaned back on the bar, his eye taking in any number of people looking better in their costumes then ever did in mundane clothes. "Why are you so hot that I come out?"

Max leaned forward with a sweet little grin. "I just want to make sure that you get your share of the candy."

"Candy," Alec repeated, his tongue flicking out over his lip while his gaze left Max's and searched out Logan's. He spotted the other man in his lab coat, standing near the pool table. Pushing off the bar, Alec crossed the room to Logan's side with a sexy half-smile on his lips before he slid his hands into Logan's hair and started to kiss him.

Logan flailed wildly in Alec's arms, completely unprepared for the sudden bout of kissing. He had opened his mouth to greet Alec and now found himself overwhelmed by the intrusion of Alec's (talented) tongue.

Max's jaw dropped as Alec not only kissed Logan, but got enthusiastic about the entire endeavor. "That's not supposed to happen!"

Pulling back at Logan's lack of response, Alec pouted slightly and then brushed an easy kiss over Logan's mouth before looking around for his beer. He spied it on the bar next to Max and headed back across the room to grab it. "Hey Max, sorry about that. What were you saying?"

Logan sat down hard in shock, as Alec just released him and wandered off. He blinked and stared after him, completely unclear on what had happened. After a few seconds of startlement, he decided that Alec must be having a go at him, scowled and turned back to his drink, resolutely determined not to respond the way Alec wanted.

As soon as Alec got back in range, Max slugged him. "You fucker, you want Logan!"

"Ow! What the fuck?" Alec reached around Max and grabbed his drink, scowling at her. He refused to rub his shoulder even though she'd landed a hard punch. "What the hell is your problem?"

"When I said candy, you weren't supposed to actually kiss Logan!" Max yelled.

Alec looked at Max and then started glancing around the room for Logan. With a smile, he spotted the back of his head and crossed the bar to where he sat. Reaching Logan, Alec said a soft hello and then caught his mouth in a deep, exploratory kiss when Logan turned to face him.

Logan grabbed hold of Alec tight this time and held on, determined to find out what the Hell was going on. He found himself kissing back, unable to help himself under Alec's skilled and gentle persuasion.

Max stalked right after Alec, grabbed the back of his costume and hauled, trying to drag him off Logan.

Growling slightly, Alec held on to Logan as long as he could without hurting him and finally let go when Max pulled him far enough away. He shook his head slightly and then blinked at Max, batting her hands away and shoving her back. "What the hell is your problem tonight?" he yelled at her.

Logan fell right out of the chair and on to the floor, gasping for breath. He pushed himself up and stared at Max and Alec in complete confusion. "What's going on?" he asked.

Max stood protectively in front of Logan. "Why do you keep kissing him? You hate Logan!"

"I don't hate Logan. And what the fuck do you mean why do I keep kissing him?" Alec stared at the two of them in confusion, Logan on the floor behind Max who was glowering at him.

Logan scrambled to his feet and said, "You've come up to me twice now unannounced and tried to suck my face off."

Bewildered, Alec looked between the two of them. "Why the hell would I do that?"

Max bit her lower lip and glanced between them. "You weren't supposed to," she said.

Hearing that tone, Logan stepped from behind Max's back to stand beside Alec. "What have you done?"

"It was supposed to be a joke," Max said. "I mean, I never thought he'd actually kiss you. OC and I just thought it would be funny to watch him struggle not to kiss you whenever somebody said candy."

Alec started to look for Logan almost as soon as the word was out of Max's mouth. He turned, reached for him and pulled Logan into another long, heated kiss with lips and tongue, hands twining into Logan's hair.

Logan grabbed hold of Alec and let himself be kissed; understanding now that this wasn't his fault. He allowed himself a second to enjoy Alec's talents and then pushed at him a little to move him away. He needn't have bothered, as Max grabbed Alec's hair and hauled him away by brute force.

"Get the fuck off him! This isn't what's supposed to happen!"

Growling at Max, Alec took a swing at her, shoving her back. "Get off me!" he roared at her, still not understanding why she was being so vehemently angry. "This was obviously the worst idea... I'm just gonna leave." Alec grabbed his beer bottle from the nearby table, chugged it down and turned to head out of the party.

"Alec, wait," Logan said and put a hand on his arm, gentle, but firm. "Please, wait a minute." He looked at Max, who appeared torn between anger, uncertainty and guilt. "Don't go, Alec."

Alec stopped, looked at Logan's hand on his arm and then into his face- seeing nothing been openness. He nodded, put the beer bottle on the table next to him and turned to the group. "Anyone else want a refill?"

"I would, please," Logan said with a smile. "A rum and coke."

Max shook her head, still worrying her lower lip and looking between them. "No... thank you."

Nodding, Alec turned back to the bar. He ordered Logan's rum and coke, himself a beer and a shot of tequila. Tossing back the shot, he handed the bartender the money and then took the drinks back to where Logan and Max were speaking with each other.

Logan looked at Max and flooded his arms. "What did you do to him?"

Max pouted angrily and said, "It was just a joke. He wasn't really supposed to kiss you when we said candy... I mean, yeah, we tried to hypnotize him so he would, but we didn't think it would work. Just confuse him a little make him act weird."

"Fuck, Max," Logan whispered, as Alec approached them. "He's bound to be suggestible after all that Manticore training. What were you thinking?" He smiled as Alec neared them and reached out for his drink. "Thanks, man."

"Yeah, sure. So, what'd you do to me, Max? Because I can't remember kissing Logan, and you've nearly taken my head off three times already tonight." Alec sipped at his beer, but crossed his arms over his chest, the costume only adding to the effect of intimidation.

"So, you don't remember when you kiss Logan?" Max asked. She paused and looked at Logan. "Just hold on to him this time, ok? Candy."

Alec smiled at Logan, leaned in and kissed him. He tilted his head to deepen the kiss, his free hand coming up to cradle the back of Logan's head even while Alec moved closer and closer to his body.

Logan kissed back freely this time, wanting Alec to enjoy what he had been tricked into. Besides, he was rather enjoying the talented mouth of the X5 himself. He held tight to his arms, wanting him to see what was going on.

With Logan's response, Alec pushed closer, delving for more of Logan's mouth. He hummed softly, pulled back and nipped Logan's lower lip before delving inside again.

Max scowled deeper and said, "Logan, he won't stop unless you pull back first."

Logan slipped his arms around Alec's back and gripped hold of his strong muscles. He pulled away with a slight gasp and looked into Alec's eyes. "Hi."

"Logan?" Alec asked, body going suddenly rigid when he realized that he was pressed tightly against Logan's body, one hand in Logan's hair. He widened his gaze comically and blinked at Logan.

"Alec," Logan said politely and released his hold, though he kept his hands lightly on his back. "Max owes you an apology and hopefully, a cure."

Alec blinked at Logan again and then turned to face Max, only belatedly slowly releasing his grip on Logan's hair. "Max?" he asked.

Max put on her most defensive expression and crossed her arms. "I may have hypnotized you to kiss Logan every time I said the word 'candy.'"

"Max," Logan groaned.

Turning back to Logan, Alec smiled at him and then leaned in for another kiss. He stroked his hand up Logan's back and tangled it in his hair to delve deep into Logan's mouth.

Logan's lips felt extra-sensitized by now, and he succumbed to the kiss for another moment, before gently pulling back. "Max," he said with a sigh.

"Sorry," Max said, scowling again. "Anyway, we didn't really expect it to work this well."

Alec blinked at Logan again, chuckled softly and then released his hair before stepping back. "Sorry. I heard Max say that she hypnotized me?" he presented it as a question while forcing himself to step back.

"Yeah, and quite successfully, too," Logan said, "if she persuaded you to kiss me at the mention of a single word."

Laughing, Alec blushed slightly and hung his head. "At a single word, huh?" He turned and looked over his shoulder at Max. "Really, Max?"

Max stared at him open-mouthed and asked, "You're not mad? I expected you to be furious when you found out."

Alec looked at Max and then back at Logan. "I'd never have kissed Logan, but since he's not taking a swing at me, then I'd have to say that I can't be too upset."

Logan felt a little offended, and his mouth twisted into a half-pout. "Well, as long as I'm so undesirable, it should be easy to reverse the hypnosis."

Max shrugged again and said, "I don't think I can. It just needs to wear off."

"It's not that you're undesirable, Logan." Alec turned back to look at Logan. "You're Max's." Once he said that, Alec realized what he'd said and then pulled back from Logan.

Max looked at Logan uncomfortably, and he returned the gaze. "We're not together anymore, not that we ever were, exactly," she said. "It was unfair to both of us, given everything..."

Logan smiled sadly at Max and nodded. "Maybe someday we'll find a cure, but it's not right to put both our lives on hold for a might be."

Alec stood between them, looking at them both and only realizing even more than he was in the middle. "It might not be fair, but it's obvious there's still a lot between you both."

"Well, sure," Logan said with a smile for him. "You always feel something for your first real love." He patted Alec's shoulder. "Someday you'll see."

"Doubt it." Alec shrugged, sipped at his beer and stepped further away from Logan. "Max seems to be the only one of us capable of love."

Max sighed and threw up her hands. "Well, since the whole candy thing doesn't seem to be that much of a problem, I'm going back to the party." She marched off.

"Uh, Max," Logan said.

Alec turned back to Logan, smiling at him and pressing their bodies together before he tangled his hand in Logan's hair to pull him in for the deepest kiss yet. He tilted his head, flicked his tongue at the seam of Logan's mouth and then tasted inside.

"Mmmph," Logan said and kissed back, letting his tongue tangle with Alec's. He figured that after this he wouldn't be getting anymore kisses for a long time, so he might as well enjoy himself. His hands found Alec's broad back and rubbed the strong muscle.

Dropping his beer bottle on the floor, Alec wrapped his arms completely around Logan, pulling him in even closer. With Logan's response, Alec felt himself give in to his desire to lose himself in the kiss.

Logan pulled back only when he needed a gulp of air and then pressed his mouth right back against Alec's, testing his response. He kept his hold around Alec's back and gripped tight.

With the hypnosis broken, Alec prepared to pull away but found himself captured and held tight. He continued the kiss and then relaxed into Logan's arms, cradling the back of his head and deepening the kiss again.

Logan groaned as Alec continued to kiss him and broke away for another breath. "Whoa."

"Whoa?" Alec asked, relaxing his grip slightly but still keeping Logan in his arms.

"That was... really good," Logan said with a slightly embarrassed smile. "You know how to kiss."

Alec actually flushed, his eyelashes sweeping down before he looked at Logan with a smile. "So do you, Logan."

Logan smiled back and said, "Uh, well, as long as we're here, want to dance? Play some pool?"
"Yeah, sure." Alec took a step back, disengaging completely from Logan's embrace. He rolled his shoulders slightly, body tingling from where Logan had been touching his bare skin. "Pool maybe?"

Logan nodded and said, "By the way, I like the costume. It's very appropriate for you." He weaved through the crowd, aware of Alec behind him. "I'm sorry about what Max did to you, though. I can look for a way to reverse it, if you like."

Alec thought about it, nodded. "I guess if it doesn't wear itself off, then yeah...or, if you want to just be done with it. Since you were the other person affected by the hypnotism, you get a say in it too."

Logan paused and then smiled, just a touch shyly, at Alec. "Honestly, if you don't mind waiting until the end of tonight, I don't either. It's been kinda nice... since you're not angry about it." He glanced around him and then looked back at Alec. "It's been a long time."

"As long as you're not angry about it. I mean, I didn't remember until you were holding me there...still don't actually remember the kissing." Alec smiled at Logan, none of usual bravado in place. "How long?" he asked, racking the balls on the pool table.

"Since Max's kiss that nearly killed me," Logan said, watching Alec with a little smile. He shook himself off and went to get himself a cue. "I'm not sure you were missing much in terms of my kissing, but you- you've got some pretty sweet skills, boyfriend." Logan grinned teasingly, eyes warm behind his glasses.

Alec chuckled, a light blush over his cheeks. "We were trained in all kinds of things. Some of my specialty assignments were of the romantic and physical." He shrugged and looked at Logan through his lashes. "It takes some of the pleasure away when you know you're doing it for an entirely different reason."

"Yeah, I can imagine," Logan said, voice tight with anger at Manticore and regret for Alec. "But you're free now. You can find people to date without having it be an assignment. Put those skills to better use."

"Yeah, but I'm not sure I know how to date." Alec shrugged and finished setting the balls before he stepped back and gestured at the table. "You want to break?"

"Well, if I don't, I may not get another shot at the table," Logan said with a teasing smile. "And you'll learn how to date, Alec. You're a fast learner." He broke and watched with satisfaction as a solid colored ball fell into a pocket.

Alec shrugged, leaning slightly on the pool cue. "Yeah, I might... if I find anyone interesting enough that I want to spend time with them." So far Alec hadn't found too many of those people in the world...Joshua was one of his favorites and he wasn't fully human.

Logan glanced at Alec and felt put out by his response. "Us mundanes aren't much, I suppose," he said, a bitter undertone in his voice. He missed his next shot spectacularly and cursed softly, before making his way over to the wall to watch Alec.

Lining up his first shot, Alec potted three balls in succession before stepping back to see the table. "It's not that so much as most mundanes are awfully shallow when it comes to me. They're attracted to the looks, the strength, et cetera...whatever it is they see or need. No one's ever really asked me anything about me except when I've been on an assignment and had the details fabricated for me." He took another two shots before missing the third.

"That won't always be true," Logan said, circling the table to see what the available shots were. "You'll meet someone worth your time eventually." He stopped and sank one of his balls, before circling again.

Alec shrugged, stared at Logan and then looked across the bar at Max glaring at him. "I don't think Max is too happy that you're playing pool with me instead of spending the evening with her."

"I think she's just grumpy that her little joke didn't work the way she wanted," Logan said with a shake of his head. "You didn't react the way she expected to the hypnosis and neither of us got upset about it, so, pretty much a bust for her." He missed his next shot by a hair and sighed.

"She should know better than to count on a reaction from either of us." Alec shook his head and shook off the way she was looking at him and took two more shots before missing the next one. His rhythm was shot, but he only had one more stripe to go before the eight ball and Logan had a couple of balls on the table. "Why did you get mad that I kissed you?"

Logan halted from taking his shot and stood up, looking at Alec. "Why should I? I mean, other than the fact that Max basically forced you to kiss me, which I don't approve of."

"Because you don't particularly like me... and I've never heard of you liking men as well as women." Alec shrugged and crossed his legs at the ankles while he leaned against the wall.

"I didn't particularly like you, no," Logan said. "It's hard to like someone who tried to kill you and who's only care in life appeared to be himself. However, I've learned more about you since then... I don't dislike you, Alec. In fact... I rather do like you."

Alec stared at Logan hard, trying to see if he was telling the truth. "I rather like you too, Logan. You're a lot more interesting than I ever thought when Max first introduced us."

Logan chuckled and said, "See, first impressions aren't always the best way to get to know people, are they?" He sank his next ball with a little fist pump. "How come you didn't get mad when Max had you kissing me?"

"It doesn't help to get mad at Max...it usually infuriates her when you don't." Alec shrugged and then looked at Logan from the corner of his eyes. "Besides, it's obvious that I was willing to do it if the hypnotism worked...I've thought about it before."

Logan scratched and cussed himself quietly for getting distracted by Alec's words. "I'm surprised," he said. "That you've thought about it with me, I mean. Things have been easier between us, but I never pictured you interested in me."

"Well, you don't pick who your body reacts to, right?" Alec shrugged, nonchalant. "But, I'm also not immune to the fact that you're a really attractive man, Logan...even if I hadn't liked you before, it's hard to ignore you and the effect you have on me."

Logan glanced back at Max and then walked up to Alec, eyes searching his, hoping to find the truth in the cautious greens. "What effect?"

"You turn me on. You make me want to taste your mouth, to feel your hands on my skin." Alec looked into Logan's eyes, letting him see that Alec meant what he said. That he wanted Logan for himself. "But you belong to Max, so I wasn't ever allowed."

"I belong to myself," Logan said, trying not to betray how his body thrummed at Alec's words. "Always have." He took a step closer to the X5.

Alec smiled sardonically. "And Max is probably one of the few out there who could easily kill me. I wasn't going to trespass...she hates me enough already." He shrugged, pushing off the wall and bringing himself even closer to Logan.

Logan wondered at his actions, before mentally shrugging. He was interested in Alec; the way his body responded to the younger man was proof. Lifting a hand, he traced it gently down the side of Alec's face, curving to brush over his full lips. "You could both easily crush me," he said softly.

"Wouldn't want to unless it was because I was crushing you into the bed." Alec opened his mouth and flicked his tongue out against Logan's fingers.

Logan grinned at the playful tongue and said, "That's good to know." He thumbed over Alec's cheek and cupped the back of his head. "Shall I use the word? Or is asking you to kiss me enough?"

Alec shook his head. "I wanna know what it's like." Alec leaned in, brushed his lips easily over Logan's and then pressed them together. He flicked his tongue along the seam of Logan's lips, asking for entrance.

Logan slid a hand up to cup the back of Alec's head and the other to loop around his waist. He opened his mouth to the gentle press of tongue and kissed back, soft and affectionate.

With the permission he wanted, Alec pressed closer, sliding his tongue along Logan's and then sweeping over his teeth. He hummed softly into the kiss, one hand coming up to hold Logan while he explored the other man.

Alec kissed sweetly, not at all the way Logan imagined he would. He allowed himself to be kissed until he felt dizzy and then pulled back to gasp for air. "You're very gentle," he said, half-questioning.

"It's because it's new. I want to learn you, taste you before I just take." Alec flushed slightly, eyes dropping to Logan's mouth. "Unless that is not what you want from me." His heart clenched slightly at the idea that Logan had a perception of what he wanted from Alec and not Alec himself.

"I like it," Logan said and pressed a kiss to Alec's nose and forehead. "I like that you want to get to know me, not just rush things. I like you."

Alec flushed with pleasure, tipping his head up to capture Logan's lips in another long, gentle kiss. "I like you too." He reached up to cup Logan's face in his hands and then deepened the kiss.

Logan continued to follow Alec's lead, thinking he might need to feel in control of the situation. He stroked over the bare planes of Alec's back and sides, marveling at how silky Alec's skin was over his muscles. Manticore knew how to build a perfect specimen of manhood. Logan felt inadequate beside him, especially with his shattered back.

Pulling back, Alec nipped at Logan's lower lip and then soothed over it with a grin. "Yeah, so I definitely didn't see this coming." He pulled back and put their pool cues away before turning back to Logan. "I think we should let someone else at the table...wanna dance?"

"Nor did I," Logan said, moving away reluctantly to clear the table. "Sure, but you'll have to be gentle with me. The exoskeleton doesn't allow me to be a very graceful dancer. You may have to hold me close and help me."

Alec grinned and raised his eyebrows. "I was kinda hoping to do that." He reached out and put his hand at Logan's lower back, guiding him toward the dance floor and marveling over the idea of dancing with Logan.

Logan grinned a little nervously back and allowed himself to be escorted. When they got to the middle of the crowd, he turned toward Alec, just as someone went by, yelling, "Aw, Candi, don't be like that!"
With a smiled, Alec pulled Logan in close, going straight in for a kiss. He fused their mouths together, the kisses under hypnosis much deeper and harder. Alec wrapped his arms around Logan and started them swaying to the music.

Logan forced his mouth away from Alec and rested his head against Alec's, breathing hard and dancing with him. "You always smile before you kiss me under hypnosis, too."

Alec blinked and then turned to nuzzle Logan's cheek. "I do? Guess I like the idea of it." He held Logan close and moved them to the music.

"You should smile more," Logan said. "The real kind, not the smirk you wear so often." He turned toward the nuzzling mouth and kissed Alec softly.

Sighing, Alec kissed Logan back, easy and gentle - as though they had all the time in the world. He broke off finally and looked at Logan. "You think I should smile more?" Alec smiled after the question, one eyebrow raised.

Logan laughed at the expression on Alec's face and kissed the smile. "Yes. I like the way you look when you're happy. Not being smug of faking it, but really happy. You're quite stunning, you know." He rubbed into Alec's hair, like he would pet a cat.

Alec closed his eyes and hummed softly, the sound rumbling in his throat and chest. "You think so?" He sighed, a soft smile settling on his lips with the way Logan touched him, and in front of anyone at the bar who cared to look.

"You're nothing but a big, friendly kitty," Logan teased. "All lean muscle, fast reflexes and sharp claws and teeth, but treat you right, and you purr." He kissed Alec's lips softly, still stroking through his hair. "You like to be petted everywhere?" He tried the same strokes down Alec's back.

"Everywhere," Alec breathed over Logan's lips. He shivered slightly, pressing into Logan's touch and almost writhing against him on the dance floor.

Logan gasped as Alec pressed all over his body and rubbed, hands stopping their strokes to hold on hard. He smiled a little tremulously and then kissed Alec softly, tasting him. He released his hold to begin stroking again.

Alec melted into the kiss, his senses completely awash in Logan. He'd never let himself go like that before, never allowed himself to drop his defenses and awareness and trust in the person holding him. Finally pulling back, Alec panted slightly and stared at Logan with eyes wide.

The look in Alec's eyes reminded Logan just how young he was, as well as how inexperienced with life outside of Manticore. He smiled reassuringly, trying to calm any fears Alec might have about being hurt. "Want to go back to my place? I have some Halloween cake I was going to share with everyone, but I think I'll just share it with you."

"Yeah, that'd be good." Alec smiled wide at Logan, treating him to the only thing he'd ever actually asked Alec for.

Logan took Alec's hand and began to lead him through the crowd. He noticed Max still glaring at them from the bar and shook his head a little at her. This outcome was all her fault, and though he would thank her for it, he doubted she would thank herself. He smiled over at Alec again. "Do you have a coat or anything? That costume looks a little skimpy for the chill night air."

Alec shook his head. "I don't feel the cold in quite the same way." He smiled again, twining his fingers through Logan's. "I have my bike, but I'm not sure if you can ride on it with your exoskeleton."

"I can manage," Logan said with a smile in return. "As long as you don't speed too much."

"Promise." Alec climbed onto his bike, straddling it and starting it up before he handed Logan his helmet. "Hadn't planned on having anyone ride along with me, so you get the safety features." He grinned and then shivered slightly when Logan wrapped around him.

Logan felt the shiver and rubbed over Alec's chest, trying to warm him up. "You sure you don't want my coat?"

"That's not from the cold, Logan." Alec tugged Logan tighter around him and revved the engine, pulling them slowly away from the curb and heading off toward Logan's home.

Logan tightened his grip on Alec and rested his chin on his shoulder. He wanted to stroke over the broad chest and touch Alec's nipples, but thought that might be a stupid idea on the back of a motorcycle.

Alec guided them through the streets with more care than he normally took, pulling his bike up to the back of Logan's place and cutting the engine. He dropped the kickstand and held the bike steady for Logan to climb off.

Logan climbed off a bit awkwardly and then smiled at Alec, before leading him up to his apartment. He removed his silly coat and wig, hanging them up neatly. "Want some of that cake?"

"Yeah, I'd love some." Alec kicked off his sandals and then settled onto a stool at Logan's island bar. "You sure you're not making a mistake having me here instead of Max."

Logan turned right around, marched up to Alec and kissed him, throwing his arms around his shoulders.

Alec floundered for a moment before wrapping himself around Logan and kissing him for all he was worth. He reached up and threaded one hand into Logan's hair, holding him in close.

Logan parted their mouths and stroked Alec's back with the same long lingering touches. "I'm sure."

"Okay, glad to hear it." Alec smiled genuinely for Logan, stroking the fingers of one hand through the little curls at the base of his head.

"The cake has lots of frosting, vanilla cake and peanut butter and chocolate ice cream inside." Logan took Alec by the hand and led him to the kitchen, where he removed the cake from the freezer.

Alec leaned on the counter and watched Logan, hands on the counter bracing him there. "Sounds like sex in a cake."

Logan set the cake down and smiled at Alec. "It's a pretty special treat. All for us now." He moved to Alec's side and stroked over his chest, enjoying the feel of warm skin and hard muscle. "Needs a few minutes to defrost."

"Yeah?" Alec grinned and kept his hands where they were. "You gonna defrost me now?"

"I was going to pet you," Logan said, smiling at Alec.

"Go ahead then, touch me however you want, Logan." Alec reached out and lightly stroked his fingers over Logan's chest.

Logan sighed and pressed into Alec's fingers. "I have you at the disadvantage, what with your wearing practically nothing."

Alec chuckled dirty. "I wouldn't call that a disadvantage." He spread his legs wider so that Logan could step closer.

Logan pressed into Alec and lifted his face to him. "Have you ever had a relationship that was real, Alec?" he asked.

"No," Alec said quietly. "Nothing that hasn't been preplanned by Manticore."

"And since then?" Logan asked, arms around his shoulders and holding tight.

"Nothing Logan. No one." Alec shrugged and looked down.

Logan brushed his mouth over Alec's forehead and whispered, "Not even a one night stand here and there?"

Alec grinned and then laughed. "Yeah, well there were a couple of one night hook ups, but those aren't relationships."

"No, but you haven't been completely without, like me," Logan said with a twisted little smile of his own. He thumbed over Alec's right nipple. "What do you want in a relationship?"

"Sex is different from a relationship...you can do relationship, I can do sex." Alec moaned and pressed closer to Logan, cupping his cheek in one hand.

"What?" Logan asked, blinking a few times. "You don't want a relationship?"

"No, no... I mean I've done the sex thing. I'm good at it, I can do that... but I've never done a relationship." Alec shrugged. "You've not had sex in awhile, but you've been in relationships before."

"That's why I'm asking what you want in a relationship," Logan said. "What do you think is important?" He massaged Alec's neck, trying to help him relax and think.

Alec blinked at Logan. "You really want to have long discussion right now?" He was willing to, but Alec was a bit surprised by how serious Logan was.

"I'm jumping into this headfirst, Alec. All the way. I'm feeling reckless and crazy... but I want to know if you even want this. Do you?" Logan frowned a little.

"Yeah, Logan. I never thought that I'd have a chance for a relationship, never mind a relationship with you." Alec smiled at Logan, hesitation in his eyes.

Logan kissed Alec softly. "I'm sorry if I'm rushing you, Alec. I guess I over think everything. I'm not very good at following my instincts." He moved away, grabbed some plates and set it down by the cake. He cut a huge slice for Alec and held it out to him.

Alec took the cake and put it on the counter, reaching out for Logan and pulling him back into his body. "C'mere. Just because I hadn't thought about it doesn't mean I don't want to talk to you about it." He rubbed his thumb over Logan's cheek and kissed him gently.

Logan nodded and blushed a little, though it went against his nature. "I noticed how good-looking you were from the first time I met you. Even being a pompous jackass, there was something about you that drew me in. Until tonight, I never really thought a relationship of any kind besides strained comradeship was possible. But your kissing me over and over... it opened me up to possibilities. But I want to do this right."

"We can do it any way you want, Logan." Alec grinned wickedly and then sobered up. "I want to try this the way it should be done and not the way I was trained. But, you have to give me some time to be caught up because it's unlike any other possibility in my life."

Logan nodded and sighed. "Fucking Manticore," he said. "They still fuck up everything, don't they?" He rubbed his hands into Alec's hair, wanting to hear him purr again.

Alec nodded, smiling sadly. "Yeah, they kinda do, but not if we don't let them keep it that way." He tugged Logan closer, rubbing his head into Logan's hand and humming softly.

Logan smiled at Alec's way of soaking in affection and rubbed deeper into his scalp, remembering how much cats (and humans) loved to have their skin massaged. "We won't, if we're careful. I don't want to push you into anything you're not ready for, so you have to tell me if you feel uncomfortable or trapped."

"And it's likely I won't know I feel that way until it hits me." Closing his eyes, Alec rumbled quietly and arched into Logan's touch. "If I panic, you might have to help me through it...help me to relax and figure out what we both are looking for."

Logan stepped closer, pressed against Alec's chest and kissed him, shutting his eyes and letting himself just enjoy Alec's mouth. "I'll try, Alec. But even though I've had relationships, it hardly makes me an expert. We'll be doing a lot of joint fumbling."

Alec chuckled and then leaned in for another kiss. "True, but at least we'll be fumbling together."

Logan kissed Alec again, lingering over the press of their lips, and then blew out a harsh breath. "Whew. You can kiss." He pulled away and cut himself a smaller slice of cake. "Let's go enjoy our cake in the living room."

"Sounds good," Alec grinned, grabbed his cake and watched Logan's ass all the way into the living room.